Water Environment Federation Awards

Arthur Sidney Bedell Award
This award is presented to an individual selected by the Arkansas Water Environment Association for extraordinary personal service in the water pollution control field, as related particularly to the problems and activities of the Arkansas Water Environment Association.

2017 David Poe
2016 Thea Hughes
2015 Aaron Benzing
2014 Duyen Tran
2013 Bob Williams
2012 Jane Hurley
2011 Lance McAvoy
2010 David Jurgens
2008 Mike Ross
2007 Lisa Ellington
2005 Belva Plumlee
2004 Darrell Phillips
2003 John Jarratt
2001 Stanley B. Suel
1999 Daniel K. Dawson
1998 Robert E. Blanz
1996 Reggie Corbitt
1993 James W. Bailey
1992 Bill Throop
1990 Rick L. Barger
1989 William W. Turner
1986 Ronald R. Pierce
1983 Joseph E. Garner
1980 Cecil Larry Weir
1977 Frank Murphy
1972 Leonard L. Brown
1969 Neal B. Thayer
1966 Jimmy M. Alford
1964 Charles O. Hall
1961 T. W. Clapman
1958 C. W. Oxford
1957 Leigh Owen Gardner
1955 C. H. French
1952 Harrison Hale
1949 Frederick Leon McDonald

William D. Hatfield Award
This award is presented to a wastewater treatment plant individual selected by the Arkansas Water Environment Association in recognition of outstanding performance in works, operations, management and advancement of knowledge in the field of water pollution control.

2017 Larry Oelrich
2016 Sam Zehtaban
2015 Gerald Plank
2014 Tim Tinsley
2013 Lance McAvoy
2012 Paul R. Easley
2011 Adam McClymont
2010 David Roberts
2008 Thom Dodd
2007 Reggie Corbitt
2005 Lisa Gilbreath
2004 Roy Reed
2003 Ken Johnson
1999 Michael Lawrence
1998 Clyde Frost
1996 Mike Thomason
1994 Robert B. LeGrow
1992 Billy Willis
1990 Stanley B. Suel
1989 W. Glenn Holmes
1987 Daniel K. Dawson
1989 Glenn W. Holmes
1981 Lawrence Schneider
1978 Gene Andrews
1975 William W. Turner
1971 Leonard Brown
1968 Casey H. Forbes
1965 J. D. Price
1964 Nall Brantley
1961 T. W. Clapman
1958 Dan Millender

Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award
This award is presented to an individual for outstanding performance, professionalism and contribution to the water quality analysis, professionalism and contributions to the water quality analysis profession.

2017 Carolyn Roth
2016 Rhonda Fouts
2015 Shnnon Wayson
2012 Roman Rios
2011 Tiffany Mallard
2010 Donna McChristian
2009 Nicholas King
2008 Patrick Pruitt
2007 Bruce Richart
2005 Patrick Ellis
2004 Zina A. Rhodes
2003 Lance McAvoy
2001 Donna McChristian
1999 Lisa M. White
1998 S. Luanne Diffin 
1996 Cindy Garner
1995 Stanley B. Suel

George W. Burke, Jr. Award
This award was established in 1982 to encourage an active and effective safety program in municipal and industrial wastewater facilities.

2016 Little Rock Wastewater
2013 Dan Dawson, Searcy Water Utility
2012 Thea Hughes, Jacksonville Wastewater Utility
2010 Fayetteville Wastewater Treatment Plant
2009 Little Rock Wastewater Utility
2006 Little Rock Wastewater Utility
2003 Arkadelphia Water Utilities
2000 City of North Little Rock
1997 Pine Bluff Wastewater Utility
1994 Magnolia Wastewater System
1991 Dr. J. Albert Johnson, Regional Treatment Facility - Jackson Wastewater Facility
1987 Springdale Water & Wastewater Department

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